Lasso Overview – Everything You Need To Know

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the leading platforms for people to make their websites and blogs, offering a vast range of different intuitive features and designs, meaning that anybody can set up a successful site in no time.

However, there are features that aren’t offered with WordPress by default, like monetization, which is where plugins come in.

Plugins put simply, are like extensions that you add to programs to get new features.

They can even simplify things. You may have used plugins on your web browser because many popular browsers allow plugins to add extra features.

WordPress allows plugins also, and for that reason, there is a large market of great plugins that unlock new ways for your websites to be successful. Lasso is one of those WordPress plugins, a premier affiliate monetization plugin. But what is it? And what does it do for you?

We’ve got the answers for you. In this helpful Lasso overview, you’ll find everything you need to know about the WordPress plugin Lasso.

If you’re looking to earn more conversions and commissions from affiliate links on your WordPress sites, then Lasso will be a good option for you.

What Is Lasso?

To begin with, let’s look at defining what Lasso does. Lasso is a plugin for WordPress that is built specifically for websites that are making commissions from affiliate links.

You may have seen these types of sites around the Internet a lot. For example, you’re looking at a recipe website, and it has a few links to places where you can purchase cooking equipment and so on.

You can often tell when you’re on an affiliate website based on the topics and recommendations. Also because there will be a statement from the author explaining that they may earn a commission each time a reader clicks on one of the affiliate links and follows through with a purchase.

A commission is essentially a kickback that is paid to the website owner.

With the Lasso WordPress plugin, you can manage all your affiliate links a lot easier.

On top of that, you can create product displays, and even increase the amount you’re earning in commission from the affiliate links on your site.

Lasso is all about helping you manage and earn more through your affiliate programs.

What Features Does Lasso Offer?

Lasso has an impressive set of base features, all geared toward making managing your affiliate-heavy WordPress website much easier.

As well as making sure that you earn more money from those link clicks. Below, we’re going to get into each of the features, explaining the benefits that they offer.

Monetizing All Your Links

Making money from affiliate links is how many people make money from their websites, which is what Lasso is built for.

Therefore, it is no surprise that they put a great deal of emphasis on monetizing all your links. Monetizing, for those who don’t know, essentially means making money.

When you come to Lasso, you may already have a large backlog of links on your website, with some of them not making any money.

How will you find them all, to make sure that you’re making as much commission as you can? This is where Lasso has you sorted.

Lasso creates its own database of all the links on your website, allowing you to replace any old links that aren’t making money and put new affiliate links in their place.

All this is easy and can be done from the dashboard, keeping it all in one place with an intuitive interface.

This saves you time because you don’t have to do it manually in the WordPress editor as you normally would. With just a few clicks and the tick of a slider, you can earn more.

On top of that, Lasso will let you turn keywords into affiliate links too. By adding keywords or specific phrases to the URL of a link.

You can make it so that all mentions of those words are converted into an affiliate link, earning you more money because there will be more clicks.

Keywords are an essential part of running a successful website.

If you use plenty of keywords, it is good Search Engine Optimization practice, and your website should start ranking higher on search engines when people search for queries related to them.

With Lasso, you can make extra affiliate money by adding those keywords.

Finding Affiliate Programs

On top of that, Lasso will help you find new affiliate programs. These are programs that have advertisers and recruited affiliates. Lasso has a database of all the best affiliate programs for you to join.

When you find one that looks good to you and is relevant to the content on your WordPress website, you can quickly sign up for it.

After that, add your new affiliate URL links to Lasso and earn money from people clicking on them.

The Lasso database has over 8,745 affiliate programs! Year after year, the database continues to grow.

This is an enormous amount to choose from, and you won’t struggle to find one relevant.

You can simply search through the database via a product or a service, and immediately find the right program for you, allowing you to start earning affiliate commissions in no time.

Easily To Find Links In An Intuitive Dashboard

Lasso Overview - Everything You Need To Know

As we hinted earlier, Lasso puts all the links on your WordPress website into one location on the dashboard.

This is a brilliantly useful tool because it means you manage and oversee all that important monetization potential in one place.

Lasso puts all the important links into a dashboard that you can search through. The dashboard displays every URL link, along with each name, image, and group.

On top of that, it will tell you how many links appear across your entire site, including every different page.

When you search for a link, it presents them all in stylish and easy to follow lists.

You don’t need any former programming experience or knowledge to understand the layout that Lasso provides you with, which means that almost anyone can start earning affiliate money from a WordPress website.

On top of that, the dashboard and its search function will help you replace and fix links that aren’t working. If a link is broken, it won’t be of any use to you or your audience, and it needs to be attended to.

With Lasso, it’s easy to find the problem links and replace them. Other popular issues with links could be that they are out of stock, which helps you tend to that too.

On top of that, Lasso is always suggesting new affiliate opportunities, allowing you to be making the most (and the most money) out of your website.

Amazon Products

Amazon is one of the most successful markets in the world and home to almost anything you want to buy.

For that reason, Amazon is a very handy place for websites to direct affiliate links to, because of its wide range of products and things to buy.

Lasso makes it especially easy for you to include Amazon affiliate links on your WordPress website and does so without you requiring API keys.

API keys are  “application programming interface” keys, which identify and authenticate a user or a calling program.

With Lasso, you don’t have to go through all that process, instead just allows you to get right into it.

Simply copy and paste the Amazon link that you want to affiliate link to, and Lasso will do the rest.

Automatically by itself, Lasso will take all the relevant information from it, taking things like the product title and its image, as well as the price. Lasso then converts it all into an affiliate link.

And that isn’t all! Every 24 hours, Lasso will automatically update the link.

This means that it should never be out of date or irrelevant, meaning that your users will be clicking on the same relevant product that you wanted.

If Amazon ever changes the image or raises or lowers the price, then Lasso will make sure that your site is still displaying the correct, ever-changing information.

For extra safety, Lasso will alert you if the product goes out of stock, or is removed entirely.

You want your users to be able to click on a relevant product and be able to buy it for the price that they were told.

If the product goes out of stock, not only could you miss a referral, but your visitors may have a bad experience. Lasso makes sure that there won’t be any disappointment with your website visitors.

Localized Amazon Links

You might wonder what happens when someone clicks on your link but is in a different country than the Amazon page you linked to.

The internet is global, and it can sometimes be easy to forget that websites change worldwide. Thankfully, Lasso fixes this problem.

When somebody from a different country clicks on your Amazon affiliate links, Lasso will automatically redirect them to their country’s local Amazon store.

To do this, it uses Amazon OneLink, which sends international visitors to the Amazon page nearest their geographical location.

You can also sign up for other Amazon affiliate programs, like the United States and the United Kingdom.

If you ever have trouble working with all this, the Lasso customer service team will help in no time. They are friendly and quick to respond.

Cloak Your Links

Lasso also allows you to cloak links of your choice. Link cloaking is when somebody disguises a URL link by setting up a URL redirect, shortening the length of the link, and rebranding it to look more authentic to users.

This comes in especially handy whenever an affiliate might change their link themselves, and you don’t like the look or sound of it.

With Lasso link cloaking, you can change the URL to read what you want, making it look more reliable and encouraging users to click on it.

Whichever links you want to cloak is up to you, because the cloaking offered by Lasso is flexible. This also helps you to comply with specific affiliate programs, which you will sometimes need to do.

Cloaking and rebranding your affiliate links also has benefits to do with social media.

Social media is very important to affiliate websites because it allows you to reach a wider audience, whether it’s through something like Facebook, YouTube, or others.

If you’ve ever seen a link on social media, then it was probably short and simple. People are less likely to click long and complicated links, especially when they look untrustworthy.

With link cloaking, you can make sure the links look simple and memorable, encouraging people to click.

Click Tracking

Succeeding in business is all down to measuring what works, and Lasso lets you do that.

With its click tracking, you can easily view which of your products and links are getting clicked the most, allowing you to learn how users click.

When you know what’s successful, you can include more of it. On the other hand, you will know what isn’t getting clicks and can work on improving those too.

Lasso Pricing

Lasso has two plans for you to subscribe to:

  • Monthly – $29 a month, Lasso features.
  • Yearly – $289 for a year, plus staging licenses.

There is no free version, and the trial is very limited. However, if you can get past the high price point, you will find some of the dull SEO and marketing aspects of your site will become automated.

Lasso Overview – Final Thoughts

If you have a WordPress site with affiliate links, it can become difficult to scale or change after you have scaled up. Lasso is helpful and feature-rich in not only the initial management but also any changes that may come down the pipe.

If managing and earning more from your WordPress website is your immediate goal, then that would make Lasso an essential plugin to check out!