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Real Websites That Get Results

At Bit Expanse, we believe websites should be strategic in nature – working for you, day in and day out, helping you achieve what’s important to you. Your WordPress website doesn’t have to merely be a business checklist item, something that’s entirely an afterthought. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll be missing out.

Understand and Develop Your Website Strategy

Bit Expanse was a web strategy agency that helped many small business owners and VIPs realize and execute their web strategy.

These web optimizations allowed businesses to scale efficiently without the need to hire an internal team of pros to keep everything afloat.

Check out the key points of what we’re about below, and then head over to the blog to get more web and business guides.


Custom functions and shortcodes.

WordPress and theme setup and optimization.

Schema, indexing, viewability considerations.


Evaluations through lead generation, affiliates, ads, info products, or eCommerce.


Simple design to achieve speed, compatibility, and compliance. Minimal use of bloat.


Game plan for what’s best in bringing you traffic.

Organic SEO through listings or content marketing.

Positioning or outreach strategy.


No hassle fixing of bugs.

Instruction and training for not only current use but also your next steps.

Premium maintenance packages for your needs.


Start with a solid, secure host through Flywheel. Then setup a secure operations strategy.

What You’ll Find Here

We write about the digital stuff you use, how to build it out, and how to protect it:

  • Tales and tips from the trenches.
  • Commentary, tutorials, job outlook, and more for the web-based industry.
  • Entrepreneurship and digital marketing.
  • Traditional business.
  • Topics on web setup, tech projects, efficiency, automation, income-producing projects, integrations, and more.