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Real Websites That Get Results

At Bit Expanse, we believe websites should be strategic in nature – working for you, day in and day out, helping you achieve what’s important to you. Your WordPress website doesn’t have to merely be a business checklist item, something that’s entirely an afterthought. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll be missing out.

What We Do Best

Enthusiasts, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and VIPs trust Bit Expanse to specially craft premium WordPress websites that work. We include things you need, optimize for what’s important, and leave out the bloat you don’t need.

Nothing flashy, nothing bulky, just what contributes to your business strategy.

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Business Strategy

Whether you’re trying to start a blog, brochure website, an affiliate website, store page, or anything in between, we’ll help you refine your strategy to focus on what you need to get results.

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Platform Setup

We’ll make sure your website is clean, optimized, and secure. Once we get the basics down, we’ll make sure your website looks good in mobile, search engines, and social media.

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Handing off the website isn’t the end! You can rest easy knowing any kinks and bugs will be worked out. We’ll also make sure you’re trained on how it works and what the next steps are.

Bit Expanse Will Help You Build Your Amazing Web Presence

Online Business Consulting

This can’t be overstated. Your website needs to serve a purpose. It’s not enough just to throw some information up about you and your business and call it a day. We’ll discuss ways your website can be your best employee for your business – working all day, every day.

Website Infrastructure

We can host your website through our agency partner, Flywheel (now owned by WP Engine). They’re fully optimized for WordPress and offer great support. Need us to manage your domain and website maintenance? No problem!

Themes and UI

It’s important to get a fast, secure theme that you can use as your website’s foundation. We like to use Divi from Elegant themes. We have previously used themes from StudioPress and Thrive. If you have a different favorite theme, we’d be happy to take a look.

Websites For All Devices

Mobile is more important now than ever before. Mobile can be 50% or more of your traffic so your website needs to look good on all devices! Additionally, your website needs to be FAST!

Built for Users and Search Engines

The user experience comes first. Then we’ll make sure Google, Bing, and other platforms like your website and can read it properly.


Content Strategy

If you have good content, great! We’ll discuss how this can help you meet your business objectives. If you only have filler content or no content at all, we can recommend content teams to help you fill out your website.

Working With Us

Thanks for your interest!

We’re currently operating on word of mouth and are NOT accepting new clients at this time.

We’ll add a contact form for inquiries in the future.


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The Bit Expanse Process for Building Your Amazing Web Presence

We generally take a 4 phase approach.

The first phase, I. Introduction Phase, is free since we’re seeing if we’re a good fit for each other. The rest of the phases are included in our work proposal. Just know that we are a premium web agency. This means if you’re looking for anything in the hundreds of dollars range for a 5 to 12 page website, you will need to look elsewhere.

If you are not in a place to afford premium services, there are other amazing designers and developers that can get you started within your budget. Give Upwork a try for qualified freelancers, for instance.

However, if you’re ready to kick your online project into overdrive, check out our phased approach below:

I. Introduction Phase

  • We discuss your business.
  • We find out what you’re looking for.
  • We determine whether we’re a good fit for each other.

II. Exploratory Phase

  • We discuss business requirements and how your website could help you.
  • We develop your strategy.
  • We set project scope and establish expectations of each other.

III. Work Phase

  • We work cooperatively on your project.
  • We tailor the project to your brand.
  • We setup the tech.
  • We build and test out the project.

IV. Support Phase

  • We make sure everything is working as intended.
  • We optimize settings and performance.
  • We make sure you’re trained on your new website.
  • We setup an initial maintenance plan.