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7 Website Steps

How to Get Started Marketing Your Website

Step 7: Outreach and marketing are some of the most important tasks of your website. We'll go over how to get started marketing your website in this article. People too often neglect this stage of growth for one reason or another. Don't let your website be the...

7 Website Steps

How to Choose the Best Plugins and Extensions

Step 6: One last bit before promotion. As you write content and structure your website to help serve people, you’ll think of ways to extend your value when you discover addons and plugins. There are a few tricks to understand how to choose the best plugins and...

7 Website Steps

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

Step 4: Don’t have web design in the budget when starting out? No problem. There are collections of amazing looking, professionally coded website templates called themes you can purchase. These are relatively inexpensive, especially if you compare them to a $2,500+...

7 Website Steps

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting

Step 3: Next up, you need a trusted home for your website. In web parlance, this is called hosting. To get the best experience, you need to choose the best web hosting that works for you. It’s not too hard to find hosting companies, even if you have a specific...

7 Website Steps

How to Choose the Best Website Builder

Step 2: There’s no shortage of content management systems and hosted website builders out there, so it may be difficult to choose the best website builder. Our top pick for CMS or website builder is WordPress. We believe it to be the best around. Check out 8 Big...

7 Website Steps

How to Choose a Domain Registrar

Step 1: The first thing you need in order to get started with a website is a domain name. Domains are essentially website names. In order to register a domain name, you need to choose a domain registrar. If you don’t have one yet, no worries. Pick something that’s...

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