How to Create Web Content That Actually Gets Read

7 Website Steps

Step 5: Great, now that the techy foundation stuff is out of the way, it’s time to build out your website by ramping up your content creation. This article will go over how to create web content that attracts readers.

It Takes a Lot of Practice

Content is the MOST important thing that will go on your website. This is where you want to spend the most time, potentially second only to marketing and outreach. But if your stuff doesn’t have a lot of thought then marketing is effectively useless.

Don’t try to be perfect. You’ll always need to improve. We have been writing blog content for over a decade and still have areas to improve.

The more important thing is to create content that not only helps people but also is content your target audience is searching for.

Consider Outsourcing

Should you go with an article writing service? If you don’t have the time to write good articles now, then spend the money to get them written for you. Getting good content requires sacrifice so be prepared to spend either time or money to get rolling.

If you haven’t written good articles yet or you lack practice, you need to come back to refine this skill later. We have personally hired 4 different types of article writing services and have had differing experiences with all of them. Some of the time you save comes back to haunt you in the way of reading, reviewing, and editing. It’s still a net positive, but don’t expect this to be completely passive.

We’ll go into more detail about outsourcing experiences later. For now though. Get comfortable outsourcing. It’s a nice way to scale. You just need to:

  • Get clear on what you need done.
  • Do keyword research or search analysis or have it done for you to make sure you will produce content people are looking for.
  • Understand what proprietary methods the writers are trained in. Do they use multiple methods?
  • Find out what type of research they do. Most do not do original research. They usually do some type of journalistic research to provide a clear, concise article.
  • Most writers are not industry experts. Provide a tight list of objectives for the writers.
  • You are supposed to be the industry expert. When you get your articles delivered to you, spend 10-15 minutes editing the articles into your own voice as well as adding original content. They are not done when the are delivered to you.
  • Submit requests for revisions if they missed the mark. Be sure to do this by their cutoff date.
  • Stay committed to the process and learn to avoid time wasters that don’t actually improve the business.

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