Affiliate Marketing Tips by a Successful Manager

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We found an interesting video on affiliate marketing tips. An Affiliate Marketing Manager with Lenovo named Priest Willis was being interviewed. The problem is, that we can no longer find the video. 😥

However, we do have our notes on full display here with powerful affiliate marketing tips.

Affiliate Marketing Tips Interview Notes

Here’s what we came away with. A lot of these are good reminders and we filled in the blanks with what we inferred from the conversation as well.

  1. Find relevant industry info. You actually want to provide accurate information.
    1. Use blogs, videos, or whatever you need to get started.
  2. Find a niche you enjoy. It’s going to be a lot of work so it might as well be something you can stomach.
    1. The deeper the niche, the better.
    2. Start with that one core thing you like and you can build from there.
    3. Now that you have the information, see if you actually want to do this.
  3. Play with different marketing tactics. Not all tactics work for your niche.
    1. PPC, SEO, or social media. Pick one to start and build from there.
  4. A/B test everything.
    1. If something didn’t work, how did you know? Why didn’t it work?
    2. Be willing to test and don’t give up.
  5. Find or develop a longterm strategy.
    1. It takes about 6 months to learn everything. This isn’t something you can whip up in a weekend.
    2. Tactics may not be universal. It’s unfortunate, but you won’t know until you try them.
  6. Don’t forget to network.
    1. The website itself isn’t the end goal. You need to get out there.
    2. Affiliate marketing is about relationships.
    3. Relationships give leverage.
  7. Stay focused and don’t chase every shiny object.
    1. It’s good to test tactics, but don’t go too crazy. See one thing through.
    2. Don’t get caught by shiny objects.

Take a look at Flippa.

Priest has his own consulting website at (formerly

Is there something you picked up that you really like?