StudioPress Overview – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2023 | WordPress Themes

WordPress has evolved since its inception in 2003, and there has never been a better time to use it.

With so many high quality themes and plugins to choose from the types of websites you can build are almost unlimited.

The downside of so many choices is it can be overwhelming, it can be hard to make the right choice that suits your needs.

Fortunately, you have found this StudioPress overview. Hopefully, by reading this article, you will be able to determine if StudioPress, one of the best known and established designs in the business, is right for you.

With StudioPress being acquired by WP Engine there’s never been a better time to use its great themes for no additional cost.

Why Choose StudioPress?

StudioPress is the creator of the Genesis Framework, arguably the most well known theme framework for WordPress.

Genesis is a layer of code that sits between the WordPress CMS and the theme you choose for your site.

The Genesis Framework is a WordPress theme with a basic design and appearance. These can both be enhanced by installing one of the many child themes that have been built to accompany it.

These child themes are built on a solid foundation and codebase provided by Genesis. They cover a wide range of styles and uses.

StudioPress describes WordPress as the engine of your car with Genesis as the frame and body, and StudioPress child themes as the paint job.

Only child themes built specifically for the Genesis Framework can be used with it.

However, anyone is free and able to create their own child themes for the Genesis Framework, and many developers make a living from creating commercial child themes for the framework.

What all this means is that if you choose to use one of the themes from StudioPress, you will also be choosing the Genesis Framework.

Apart from ensuring you have installed the Genesis Framework before you install your child theme, there are not any additional steps involved in running a Genesis Framework-powered WordPress site.

StudioPress Features And Benefits

Why should you consider using one of the themes from StudioPress?

Understanding the benefits of using a theme that runs on the Genesis Framework can help to decide on all the information you need.

Some characteristics of your typical StudioPress theme include a fast website loading time, an enhanced emphasis on security, fully responsive HTML5 design making it accessible to mobile users.

There is no bloat from excessive built in features, there are minimal customization options for a more streamlined user experience.

The clean code appeals to developers, and access to a search engine optimized Genesis Framework codebase.

StudioPress’ theme features such as fast loading times and a commitment to security are big benefits.

However, some, such as the minimal customization options and built in features are debatable as to how beneficial they are.

The positive of these characteristics is that less code is used to produce the themes which means a faster loading website and a more streamlined user experience.

However, the current popularity of multipurpose WordPress themes demonstrates a huge demand for all in one themes.

Some WordPress users simply prefer themes that can be used to build any type of website with all of the features included in one package.

This is not to say that the same results can not be achieved with a StudioPress theme.

But, what is required when using one of their themes is that you need to install additional plugins or write a custom code.

Having to do this potentially eliminates some of the positives on offer from the StudioPress themes, such as a simplified admin interface, clean code, and fast loading times.

Choosing to use a StudioPress theme built for creating a specific type of website, several plugins are essential for whatever project you choose to create.

Your site will likely still outperform a multipurpose theme that includes every feature imaginable, and countless demo versions and templates mean it still has its upsides.

The underlying Genesis Framework takes care of the design, security, and SEO foundations for your website.

The child themes supply the design elements, no matter which StudioPress child theme you choose, your website will have a solid and robust foundation.

WP Engine Acquisition Of StudioPress

In 2018, the theme company was acquired by WP Engine over 11 years after StudioPress’ founding.

Due to this development, WP Engine customers can now use any of the 35 plus themes created by StudioPress including the Genesis Framework and any future planned releases for free as part of the hosting package.

This also applies to Flywheel customers, as Flywheel was acquired by WP Engine as well.

If you are a freelance web designer or run a web design agency, you can apply to join the WP Engine Agency Partner Program.

If you are accepted, then you get a free WP Engine agency account that includes access to all of the StudioPress themes as well as the Genesis Framework for your clients’ sites.

As well as this you will also be listed in the WP Engine partner directory which in turn could generate more attention drawn to your business.

What does this mean for StudioPress in the future?

The good news is that the co-founder of StudioPress Brian Gardner joined WP Engine as a product development leader, this means that he will most likely play a role in the production of new themes.

Several new StudioPress themes have been released since they were acquired, and it does appear that StudioPress will continue to be one of the best sources of top quality WordPress themes.

The Top StudioPress Themes

The Top StudioPress Themes

We have discussed why you should consider using the Genesis Framework and one of the themes provided by StudioPress, maybe if would be helpful to see some specific examples of the best options available.

Revolution Pro

The newer StudioPress theme is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to incorporate images and design of their site.

So whether you are a photographer creating an online portfolio or you want your agency website to feature some of the eye-catching stock images available, then Revolution Pro will have a design that you should find interesting.

The package includes five homepage examples you can easily modify around your project.

There are many useful templates for adding a contact page, a blog, and a landing page to your website.

Another plus is if you wish to sell products from your site, whether digital downloads or physical items then Revolution Pro has eCommerce support.

Other perks include:

  • One click theme setup for quickly importing the demo content.
  • Optimization for the latest versions of the WordPress Editor.
  • Minimal and Mobile responsive designs.

Authority Pro

Authority is designed for creating websites to showcase your authority and expertise, it works best for individuals who wish to promote their services, or themselves online.

The default homepage layout features useful elements, including a panel for displaying your client logos, space for publishing testimonials, and a grid that allows you to promote the latest content uploaded to your blog.

It also provides methods to increase sign up and conversion rates, the homepage templates include a few different call to action elements that will easily tailor to match whatever products and services you promote.

Some other highlights of the theme include:

  • Advanced support for the new WordPress Editor to assist with page layout creation.
  • eCommerce support for collecting any payments and selling products or services online.
  • Landing page and pricing table templates.
  • Option forms to grow your email newsletter.

Authority Pro includes a one click setup feature so it will not take long to start your website with this top quality theme.

Breakthrough Pro

This design is especially best for creating advertising and marketing agency websites.

The homepage layout will help you to connect with your visitors and persuade them to get in touch.

Conversion focused elements on the default homepage layout includes spaces for client feedback, links to case studies, and prominent call to action buttons.

Coming with a stylish homepage layout, there are also templates for adding a blog, a contact page, a portfolio, and even an eCommerce store to your website.

Breakthrough Pro also includes:

  • Optimization for the updated WordPress Editor to help with content creation.
  • A pricing table and landing page templates.
  • Nine areas for widgets that help to create a custom homepage layout.

If you intend to use your website to promote services, then the design and default layout of this theme make Breakthrough Pro a fantastic choice.

Digital Pro

This theme is stylish and used for creating agency websites with WordPress.

The area of the homepage designed for text allows the designer the opportunity to gain the attention of your visitors with a statement to grab their interest.

You can list the key selling points of your business before highlighting your website’s primary services, and this introduces your latest blog posts.

With a full width layout, Digital Pro allows you to make the most of the available screen space on your website.

This helps you to sell your products or services. This theme is also an excellent choice for bloggers looking for a clean minimalist website design.

Some other highlights of using Digital Pro are:

  • Select customization options.
  • Multiple widget areas.
  • A small selection of page templates and layout presets to let you design your perfect website.

Workstation Pro

This theme was created to help you to use WordPress to build a website for a creative agency.

Even if you are a freelancer or solopreneur, you can make the most of this theme thanks to the homepage welcome message and the opportunity to highlight projects you have worked on.

The default homepage looks great, but you can easily change the options and elements to give the theme your own distinct style.

The colors can also be tweaked through the WordPress Customizer tool.

Workstation Pro also allows you to:

  • Have a space for a large welcome image and the ability to input a slogan.
  • A skills and services list.
  • A landing page template.
  • Some basic formatting and customization options.

If you have a lot of exciting work and photos you wish to show off on your site then Workstation Pro could help you to create the perfect home to display them.

StudioPress Overview – Final Thoughts

The WordPress themes from StudioPress are ideal for those who want an incredibly well built, great looking theme that can be easily installed and be up and running on their website with little to no fuss.

StudioPress is solid, practical, and low maintenance.

It is undoubtedly one of the better theme packages in the business, however, unless you are a coder or are willing to pay for developers to design you some custom development work, for the most part, what you see is what you will get.

The Genesis Framework allows for some of the best themes available on WordPress and for those with the skills to utilize the framework to its full potential you can make your site stand out amongst thousands of others.

We have listed some of the best themes StudioPress has to offer, but there are many, many more available for you to choose from all ranging in how they are designed and how they display whatever you intend to show on your website.

Hopefully, some of the examples we have listed grabbed your interest, and you will choose to use one of the great themes for your next blog or agency site creation.

However, if you are more of a beginner to WordPress, then a multipurpose theme designer, like Divi by Elegant themes, may be easier for you to get yourself up and running instead of venturing into StudioPress.



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