Stuck on Writing Content? Here’s What to Write About

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Previously we wrote about how to collect and organize your content. This post will be more on what to write about. This post will be something that we will build out based on ideas and what we experiment with.

Ideas on How to Figure Out What to Write About

  1. Make a point to sit down to write. Even if you don’t have a blog post scheduled for the day.
  2. Write at least 1,000 words a day, even if it’s in a journal.
  3. In order to combat blank page syndrome, map out or outline what you want to discuss.
  4. Don’t overanalyze or try to perfect your writing, especially while you are writing. Don’t spend too much time on the small details. It’s not important to perfect every word, let alone check your sentence structure ad nauseam.
  5. Review your writing when you’re finished. When reviewing your content before publishing, either get someone to read it over or read it aloud.
  6. It’s ok to provide your opinion or even disagree with a popular opinion provided it is on something that people will search for. Keep in mind that no one is searching for your opinion, at least in the beginning.
  7. Write about implementing a plan, framework, or guide.
  8. Use stats for articles.
  9. Reference studies, charts, videos, and more to support your content.
  10. Do research playboy. You’ll be able to see what other content creators are writing about and what their stance is.
  11. Write about an event, conference, or festival. Talk about things you learned, and people you’ve met, as well as describe any access that people normally don’t get.
  12. If there’s a piece that you’re exceptionally proud of, be sure to spend time promoting it too. Get those readers if you don’t already have them.

What Else?

What other tips do you have to figure out what to write about? Be sure to share your favorites!