What to Expect When Ordering Content Writing Services

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2023 | Content Engine

Content is the lifeblood of a business, especially if you are a blogger. As you grow and mature as a digital entrepreneur, the only true way to scale efficiently is to buy some of your time back by ordering content writing services.

This is where article writing comes in. You can get nearly a year’s worth of work done in about 3 months. The problem is that article writing services are not a hands-off transaction. You are still expected to put in preliminary work and follow up delivery with checks before you can hit the publish button on your digital haul.

We have tried 6 different article writing services. The performance of all of them has been mixed. The rest of the article goes over some of our experiences so you know what to expect when you are looking to scale up your website content production.

How Long Does it Take to Get Your Content?

If you have ordered a search analysis, it will usually be placed in queue immediately and the turnaround time will take:

  • A week for 30 article titles.
  • 2 weeks for 60 article titles.

If you have ordered articles, they will need to be placed in the queue depending on search analysis and length. Turn around for articles typically take 7 business days to get assigned and 2 business days to complete each article.

Total time per article will look something like this:

  • About 9 days for a single article.
  • About 27 days for 10 articles.
  • About 47 days for 20 articles.
  • About 67 days for 30 articles.
  • About 107 days for 50 articles.
  • About 214 days for 100 articles.

How Is Content Delivered?

Your content will be delivered via email, Google Drive, or through a customer delivery system (or CRM). Articles are usually delivered as they are completed so you don’t have to wait around for bulk delivery.

Bad Writing Submissions

Content submitted to you will most likely not be optimized towards the topic. Not only will you need to add your own touch as the expert to the content before you can publish, but you will also need to get rid of throwaway statements designed to pad the word count.

In the examples below, we have obfuscated what the topics were about by substituting the subject with gear and specific hobbies with hobby. The italicized parts within the examples represent our thoughts.

Other than that, these examples were actually submitted to us after passing through the writer, editor, and quality control.

If you want to learn more, then keep on reading!

To learn more about this gear and if they are the choice for you, keep reading.

We hope that this article is helpful to you in your hobby endeavors!

Now that we have discussed more about the gear, it is important to discuss the positives and negatives of both gear 1 and gear 2.

Keep reading, I hope this was useful, and As we’ve discussed, here’s the same content again.

Throughout this article, we’ll go over what the insides of your gear do, and we’ll be talking about which of them is more important to the overall quality of your performance. So let’s dive right in!

What does this gear do?

Before we debate which component of this gear is more important, let’s discuss what each of these components does.

halfway down the screen:

I will come back to these factors when I discuss how gear quality can change, so keep reading!

Let’s do this! But before we do this! This is a lot of words to describe what you will do.

Still reading? Great, read on for an in-depth discussion.

Before we start talking about the gear, be prepared that things might get a bit complex. But worry not, we’ll try to make it as easy-to-grasp as possible.

Luckily, always the resourceful hobbyist, you can make your personalized hobby experience. Are you feeling intimidated? There’s no need to fear! We will walk you through it.

Still reading, keep reading! This is a complex topic but don’t worry, this article will set you straight.

When intros are full of fluff:

So, before we start discussing whether or not this site is a scam in the first place, we should probably outline what exactly it is in the first place!

It is a platform that is just as we described in the introduction.

On what planet is this helpful?

We have deleted chunks of words and even multiple paragraphs because they were so unhelpful, such a bundle of worthless words that they didn’t add any value. They were either so general or so redundant that the text didn’t even matter.

One last example here to drive the point home:

If you’re (still) reading this article, it probably means that your current gear could be better, or you just want to make sure you’re making the most of your hobby. If this applies to you, having good gear is essential (something you might have picked up on). Below we will list a few reasons why updating your gear could be the best idea for you.

You want to make sure you are doing the best you can to receive the best quality, aren’t you?

Good performance is a big difference compared to regular performance, which is why you’ve started your hobby in the first place, probably.

If you take the following reasons not to update your gear to heart, you should be alright making a well-informed decision.

Some years, the new gear that come out actually have useful technical advantages that you’re going to be using for a considerable amount of time possibly. In that case, purchasing a gear can be beneficial.

What is this drivel? None of this will answer the target’s question.

When to Request a Revision

The content you receive will always need to be reviewed and edited by you before publishing. You need to add your voice and experience to get that last bit of flair.

However, if the writer missed the mark or when a third of your content is rubbish, it’s time to send a change/revision request.

The amount of time required to fulfill the change order will depend on how much of the article needs to be redone, typically within 1 to 3 business days.


Overall, if you can spare the cash, article writing services are worth it if you find a service you like. Sometimes you have to go through a few bad ones to find out which one works best for you.



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