How to Collect and Organize What to Write About

Content Engine

As you get used to creating content, it becomes important to organize what to write about as well.

Organizing What to Write About

  • What you’re currently learning.
  • Theming months.
  • Useful problem-solving skills and how to eliminate possibilities.
  • Answer the Public for certain queries.
  • Have Google alerts notify you about content based on keywords.

Collecting What to Write About

  • Have an idea bucket (notebook) in Evernote. The same can be said for Onenote and Notion.
  • Create a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet with article topic ideas. A similar setup can be had with Google Apps.
  • Using a reader like Feedly or Pocket to collect or present relevant information.
  • Schedule articles within a calendar. Besides adding it to your calendar, you can easily do this with Notion.


We’ve done all of these tips at one time or another. We personally like to write about practical things like instructional content or casual follow along type stuff.

Besides trying to keep up with current events, we like to collect content topics and schedule out what to write daily.

What about you? What do you like to use to collect information on what to write about? How about organizing your content? Think about that and come up with a system if you haven’t already.