Does ConvertKit Have An App? (Find Out!)

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2023 | Marketing and SEO

ConvertKit is an automated email marketing tool positioned well with entrepreneurs and creators. As you become more interested in ConvertKit, you may wonder – does ConvertKit have an app?

With a lot of similar systems having an application, this leads many potential customers of ConvertKit to wonder if this system uses one as well.

Does ConvertKit Have An App?

If you’re looking for an app store version of ConvertKit, we’ve got some disappointing news for you. At the time of writing, ConvertKit does not have an app for desktop or mobile devices.

The ConvertKit site and front end run on their servers that you access on your web browser like any other website. Their site works well on a mobile browser as well.

ConvertKit Does Have A WordPress Plugin

You may not have an app to access your backend, but you can use the ConvertKit WordPress plugin to easily integrate subscription forms, landing pages, and past newsletters on your website.

The plugin is pretty easy to use if you do not already have a subscription form setup in another solution, like Divi and Bloom from Elegant Themes.

The rest of this article will touch on other features of ConvertKit to help you determine if using ConvertKit is right for you. To go more in-depth, our ConvertKit overview will be right up your alley.

About ConvertKit

The company that runs the service is based in Maryland, and if you want an automated emailing system, ConvertKit is one of the best choices on the market.

The tool has a good visual designer and an easy method of setting up automated email strategies.

Pros And Cons Of ConvertKit

Customers and users of ConvertKit have mixed feelings about the service so let’s dive into these reasons now.

One of the main reasons why people love ConvertKit is the extensive contact tagging system it has which makes tagging your contacts as painless as possible.

The designer which is featured with ConvertKit is also incredibly user-friendly meaning that setting up the service is also not going to be too difficult if you are not that technically inclined.

There are also some users of ConvertKit who like the option of the free tier not making this an exclusively paid service (but there is a catch to exclusively using this tier), and the offers of annual discounts make the paid version occasionally more affordable.

The main issue most users have with ConvertKit is that the service becomes more expensive with the more subscribers you are using with the system, so the more you use this tool, and the more successful it is, the more you will have to end up paying.

Users also take issue with the lack of any live chat or phone support for the customers of the service, with email being the only option available.

There is also a lacking amount of integration with different platforms it might have to be working with to be functional.

And as previously mentioned, you get very limited access to the features, as well as limited subscribers when you are using the free payment tier.

With this out of the way, let’s look more in-depth at some of the features which are offered with ConvertKit and which of them are unique to this service over its competitors.

Features Of ConvertKit

Features Of Convertkit

One of the greatest strengths of ConvertKit is its versatility, as well as how easy it is to use.

Users of ConvertKit are immediately able to customize the sign-up form as well as the landing pages which will be on their website and there are over 30 templates available to make sure that the tool matches the aesthetic you are going for.

Another feature of ConvertKit that is exclusive to its paid members is campaign automation.

You can do this using the visual designer wherein you can make a logical progression plan for specific campaigns.

This means that if someone signs up for something by filling in a specific setting they will be able to send a specific email and by working these logic trees, you will be able to make either simple or complex sets of emails to be sent to your subscribers.

You can also use ConvertKit’s email designer which is used in tandem with the messaging function.

This puts your emails in plain text and a mobile-responsive format.

You can customize any field of your subscriber database to make it, so it fits any specific individual, and you can also use A/B testing which can be used on any email design.

How Much Does ConvertKit Cost?

One of the most popular and accessible aspects of ConvertKit is that it allows you to start for free. However, this will only allow you to have up to 300 email subscribers which are incredibly low compared to some of its competitors.

Some other features come free, including an unlimited number of landing pages and unlimited traffic.

However, you do not have access to strategy automation, no access to the visual designer, no integration to other eCommerce, or no integration with web builder platforms.

So to get the extra features you will need to pay for a creator plan, and these give you free migration features as well as access to automated sequences and funnels.

At this point, the amount you will be charged for the service will increase in accordance with the number of subscribers you have with the lowest benign $29 monthly for up to 1,000 subscribers.

This goes up to $49 for 3,000 and then $79 for 5,000 and keeps going up in this fashion.

However, on top of the creator plan, there is the creator pro plan which is $29 monthly for back to just 300 and goes up to prices like $519 monthly for 55,000 subscribers.

Most of these prices will get discounts and be cheaper if paid annually, but you can see the pattern.

The creator pro plan is unique for its access to advanced reporting as well as newsletter referral access.

You can also use subscriber scoring with this tier and Facebook custom audiences.

Does ConvertKit Have an App? Final Thoughts

If you want an app to access your ConvertKit settings and campaigns, you will be left disappointed. One is not currently available. However, if you are looking for an easy way to integrate ConvertKit with your WordPress website, they offer a WordPress plugin at the repository.

The best features of ConvertKit are how easy it is to use and how powerful it can be.

Some customization options make it popular, but there are similar tools that will give you more options in this aspect.

However, all of this comes with the drawback of the very uncompetitive price which just gets larger and larger with a growing subscriber base and even bigger when you consider the Creator Pro tier.

What has not been mentioned here is how simple it is to set up and the great security integration. There are plenty of positives, so check out if this solution can work for you.



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