Ways to Make Extra Money Online

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2023 | Online Business

For most, the ability to make extra money online gives families a way to take vacations, buy extra holiday gifts, and even accelerate their financial goals. For others, including myself, the ability to earn extra money online has leveled the playing field, giving those who’ve been left behind a chance to pay bills and reduce stress.

However, it does take time to build a sizable side income. So, what do you do? How will you know what you’re pursing is legitimate and not a scam? First, I’d like to say, good on you for already thinking this way. I bought into several programs and courses that were absolute trash, only to learn my time was wasted and the little money I had saved up just to give myself a chance, was also wasted. Unfortunately, the answer depends on what you are willing to do for money and for how long. I’ll go into this a little more below in the first section.

In this post I want to share a list of what’s possible and even some of the many of the things I’ve done to earn a side income. Just to reiterate, I’m only setting up a list that’s for online endeavors only. If you would like an article that goes into making extra money in general, with side hustles that also include work away from your desk, check out 50 Side Income Ideas You Can Start Today by Income School. Even though the list isn’t complete, they do a good job categorizing their experience with a few different money making tactics.

Speaking of which, this article isn’t yet complete either. More information will be added to the categories below. Also, whenever I think of additional side income ideas that I have tried or would be willing to try, they will be added below.

Making Extra Money Online Ideas

DO NOT DO MORE THAN ONE OF THESE AT A TIME. At least when starting out.

If you spread yourself too thin, then don’t expect to last long. Furthermore, jumping around from tactic to tactic is a surefire way to make no money in anything you do. Give whatever you choose some time and really put some effort into it.

If you pick something you don’t like, quit. It’s fine. Before you quit though, ask yourself one question, “Am I happy with the effort I put into this?” When I wasn’t happy with my course sales earlier this year, I asked myself this question. It turns out, I wasn’t happy with my effort. I have a lot more effort to give and I can do MUCH better.

It takes time to get a reliable side income rolling in. Many people quit too early. I should know. I’ve quit many things. I wonder how close I’ve been this whole time. This is especially true in making new websites. Don’t quit right before you have a breakthrough moment!

Secondhand Market

  • Amazon FBA
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • Mercari


  • Regular eCommerce / Wholesaling
  • Import / Export
  • Drop Shipping
  • Value Shuffle

Digital Assets

Digital Products

  • Info Products
  • Online Courses
  • Audio / Music / Podcasts


  • Kindle
  • ACX
  • Createspace
  • Gumroad


  • Authority Sites
  • Directory Sites
  • Niche Sites

Physical Products

  • Apparel
  • Merchandising
  • Prints
  • Crafts

Freelancing and Other Services

  • White Labeling Services
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Web Design / UI Design / Wireframing
  • Web Development
  • Coding
  • Art Commissions
  • Brand Management (for deals, vendor outreach)
  • Affiliate Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Reports Specialist
  • Database Admin
  • Graphic Designer

Avoid These Money Making Schemes

Just don’t do it. If you have to buy your own product or convince your friends to join, it’s a waste of time. If you give your money to support outlandish claims or invest in something that doesn’t have a time table or can’t be explained, you are throwing your money away.

  • Pyramid Schemes
  • MLA
  • Investments that you do not fully understand

Make Extra Money Conclusion

When I first got started earning a side income, the goal was to cover a bill or two. As I delved further in the process, I found that this wasn’t just an endeavor to cover rent or a student loan payment or two. I had taken away barriers that were keeping me from progressing in my career.

Now I could afford to go to events and buy seats at certification exams. No more could I complain or give excuses why I was getting nowhere. No more would I have to work at a job I hate, getting paid half of what I’m worth. Now I could actually be in charge and take on more projects that energize me and fulfill my creative desires.

If you’ve never been stuck, then my positioning on why this is important probably sounds like hyperbole to you. Congratulations on getting it right. I hope you’ve been able to work on things you care about. For those who are less fortunate, you’d be surprised what you are capable of. Once all the basic needs are met and you learn to stop worrying, a whole new level of performance will rise in you.

The sooner you build that side income, the sooner you get to know what I’m talking about. Now go make some money.



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