The End of Jobs Book Review

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2024 | Book Reviews

The End of Jobs

by Taylor Pearson

Pages: 302

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The End of Jobs Book Review

I went into this book without knowing who Taylor Pearson was. As I read through the book I was blown away by the preparation Taylor had done.

We’re talking high level research, business grade type stuff with historical comparisons and a chilling outline for the future.

Just keep this in mind when looking to do an internet based business: there’s a lower cost to get started and a larger potential upside to exposure. The level of freedom available today is greater than ever – should you choose to seize it.

Onward to the Takeaways

The 20th century showed fluctuating job growth relative to population growth. The 21st century paints a different picture. Jobs have been in decline relative to population growth.

Friends with jobs seek out and are happy with cost of living raises (not really raises). The entrepreneur friends are beset by opportunities.

“Jobs are getting more competitive and less profitable, while entrepreneurship is more accessible, safer, and profitable than ever.”

“…those in the traditional knowledge economy with jobs that don’t rely on physical presence—bookkeepers, accountants, etc.—are competing with a very hungry, very motivated global workforce living in places with much lower costs of living.”

Computers are taking over large segments of the economy. Couple that with an ever increasing number of users on broadband internet, we’re looking at massive efficiency gains at the cost of traditional jobs.

Degrees are getting more expensive and becoming less valuable. A degree used to guarantee a good job, it doesn’t anymore.

We may not be in an economic recession but rather a transition between 2 distinct economic periods.

“It’s more difficult to enter this new entrepreneurial economy than it will be in 10 or 20 years, but the rewards are probably as high as they’ll ever be.”

Entrepreneurial work is not something that can be effectively credentialed like information based work in years past. Entrepreneurial work is an iterative process of probing the market, sensing its reaction, and responding to it.

Instead of getting a MBA or expending a ton of resources to land a corporate job, start a business or get an apprenticeship.

Entrepreneurship is safer, more accessible, and more profitable than it has ever been.

Regular jobs are risky because the person may be comfortable and not adjust at all. The longer the market goes without a correction, the larger those corrections are when they happen.

What was once risky is now safe. What was once safe is now risky.

The internet is bringing “the long tail” to every industry.

If you’re in a job, you’ve given up control and you’ve capped your maximum potential.

You can become more entrepreneurial and increase probabilities of a desired outcome.

Freedom allows for more meaningful work. Meaningful work is not only more personally rewarding; it’s more profitable.

“While it’s hard (and unlikely) to imagine becoming the next Zuckerberg, almost everyone can start doing something more entrepreneurial by stair-stepping their way up.

I left out specific examples that help drive the points home. You really should give this a read if you’ve ever thought about breaking into entrepreneurship. It will give you research and data necessary as to why “now matters” from an economic perspective.



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