Memberpress Overview – Everything You Need To Know

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Memberpress is one of the best and most popular plugins for a WordPress website, as it’s used for, you guessed it, building a membership site.

It is more popular than a lot of similar plugins because of the sheer amount of useful as well as unique features.

It stands out from some of its competitors by not having a free version, but instead of this, it has everything you need in its basic package to set up a membership site that functions fully and even has its own unique course builder.

However, because this service is paid only, a lot of people are of course hesitant to dive right in as using a paid service without proper research can often lead to wasted money.

This Memberpress overview is designed to let you know everything you get with a paid package and how you can use this to your advantage.

If you have questions or concerns about Memberpress and if it is right for you, keep reading to get the information that you need!

How Does Memberpress Work And What Are Its Features?

The best way to work out if a service is right for you, especially when it is paid, is to look at the features that are on offer and assess how useful they could be for you.

The rest of this Memberpress overview will go more in depth on specific features, but for now, it is good to give a quick summary of everything available to let you know if this service suits your needs.

The Ability To Create Unlimited Membership Levels

On Memberpress you can create an unlimited amount of free or paid membership levels that can be used to categorize and organize those using WordPress.

Content Restriction Capabilities

Using Memberpress, you have the ability to fully restrict access to different levels of membership on your website, and this is easy to control.

You can use this feature for dripping content out over a period of time, as well as giving your content an expiration date.

Integration Of Payment

Using Memberpress, you can easily integrate payment methods like Stripe,, as well as PayPal to make it as easy as possible for your customers to be able to pay how they like.

Control Over Payment Plans

Memberpress offers the ability to choose and control how your members pay, for example, whether they would like a one time payment or a recurring one, whether you offer a free trial or if you offer a specific payment plan.

Offers Group Memberships

Memberpress lets you sell a membership to a group rather than just individuals. This is great for websites that are designed for a company or a similar style of membership.

Coupon Offer

Memberpress lets you use different types of coupons to aid in marketing.

Easy To Use Course Builder

There is a built-in feature on Memberpress to make and publish courses that can be offered to your members.

Emailing Members

Memberpress lets you email your members easily.

Further Integrations

Memberpress integrates with a variety of other WordPress features and addons like:

  • Zapier
  • bbPress
  • Blubrrt PowerPress
  • And more

Reporting And Management Of Members

Memberpress uses helpful analytical tools to show you how well your site is performing and let you look at the current subscriptions.

So these are most of the features on offer to give you a good idea of what Memberpress is used for, but if you want more details on some.

They are likely covered in more detail later, but if you want certain specifics, each feature is advertised clearly on the Memberpress website.

What Is Memberpress Like For The Members?

Memberpress allows you to interact easily with the website members.

Memberpress also makes it easy to set up pricing tables to show potential members what payment options and features are available for different price points. These can all be fully customized.

After members choose which membership plan they want, they will be asked to register an account, and even this registration form can be customized if you want it to be.

After this, the member will now be able to access any unrestricted content for someone with their membership level, and they will get access to a dashboard as well as their profile which they will be able to customize.

This also lets members manage their membership by being able to see their payment methods and cancel any subscriptions.

While this is not what people paying for Memberpress will see, it is what customers will see. It is important to note that this experience works well and makes it easy for potential members to see all their options, and for current members to assess their membership.

Setting Up And Managing On Memberpress

Memberpress Overview - Everything You Need To Know1

This is the section potential Memberpress users will be more interested in, as this is what they will be interacting with the most.

While there is no room for every single setting to be covered here, the most important will be highlighted.

One of the first things you will be required to set up unless all the membership plans are free is the payment options built-in. Memberpress allows 5 different methods of paying, including:

  1. Stripe
  2. PayPal Express
  3. PayPal Standard
  5. Offline payments

The best option is to set all of these up to ensure that your members have the most choices possible, so they will be willing to sign up and not face any unnecessary hurdles.

You can get more payment options via the use of extra plugins or cart solutions, like Thrivecart, but these are the 5 options that are built into Memberpress.

Another thing to set up is the different levels of membership. Memberpress allows for an unlimited amount of levels and the payment method for all of these can be easily managed and customized.

You can easily add another type of membership whenever you want, and all you have to do is set details like the price, how often it is billed, and any expiry details it may need.

For billing options, you have the option to offer free trials and also limited payment cycles which work well for a payment plan for a lifetime membership or a scenario similar to this.

When looking at the membership options, you are also given the option for more customization including customizing the registration options.

Any permission options are needed for limiting membership to specific people or keeping one type of membership exclusive, customizing the appearance of the price on your price table.

And the advanced setting for specifics like post-login web redirects or custom roles for different membership levels.

This highlights how customizable Memberpress is compared to similar services which may not give users this freedom.

On top of this however there is a litany of other features which can be accessed by users of Memberpress, these include:

Making Tiered Membership Paths

With different levels of membership, Memberpress makes it easy to link different levels of membership to make directly upgrading or downgrading simple.

Manually Restricting Content

This lets you restrict complete sections or specific pieces of content based on membership levels which can be done by customizing the ‘rules’ section of your Memberpress.

Email Configuration With Members

You get full control over what emails are being sent to your members to make it.

So this option is completely automated, and certain emails are sent to members when specific actions are performed with their profile.

Memberpress, of course, also makes managing your members and keeping tabs on the success of your service as simple as possible with the membership management options with you being able to access information like your current and past subscriptions and transactions as well as looking at the data of your specific registered members.

There is also a built in reporting system to make it easy for members to directly report issues or questions to administrators.

Memberpress’ Unique Features

So while Memberpress does all of its previous features well, it is worth exploring some of the unique features this service provides.

They are what helps it stand out from its competitors, and these are usually the features that will convince you to choose this particular plugin over any of its competitors.

Inclusion Of A Built In Course Builder

This is one of the key features which helps Memberpress stand out. By having a built in course builder, Memberpress eliminates any necessity for a separate LMS plugin to be needed for your website to offer any online courses.

Most of these extra LMS plugins will cost extra on top of a membership plugin, so the fact that Memberpress includes both is a massive bonus.

You can use an external LMS tool if you want, like LearnDash, and Memberpress gives you this option, but if you do not have this tool you can use the tool which Memberpress provides.

The Memberpress builder is very simple to use with a simple drag and drop block editor to make providing courses on your service simple and easy.

Integrating Page Builders

Suppose your page has been built using a plugin for a page builder. In that case, these will fully be integrated into Memberpress with page builders like:

  • Elementor
  • Divi
  • Beaver Builder
  • WPBakery

This leads to a more streamlined use of both services and ensures that these tools work well together.

Integrated AWS

Memberpress offers a built in AWS system which is perfect for keeping exclusive videos or audio safe and secure for the different membership options.

This makes sure that all the premium content that you have restricted to your higher membership levels will not be vulnerable to being stolen, and all files can ensure security.

Blubrry PowerPress Is Integrated

While this is one of the more niche features which Memberpress offers if you are using Memberpress for a membership to a podcasting service.

The use of the Blubrry PowerPress podcasting plugin makes sure that you can fully integrate private podcast episodes into your website.

Memberpress Pricing

Memberpress is an exclusively paid service, but if you are not happy in your first 14 days, you can get all your money back from your purchase.

All current payment plans are advertised on the Memberpress website, which will have all the latest prices and display any promotions which are on offer.

There are multiple tiers to the service as well as multiple payment options so make sure to use the one which suits your needs best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Free Version Of Memberpress?

No, there is no free version, but the first 14 days with the service have a money-back guarantee.

What WordPress Themes Does Memberpress Work With?

Memberpress is designed to work with any WordPress theme and will match and mimic the style of the rest of the website which it is working with.

What Other Notable Services Does Memberpress Work With?

Memberpress is intuitively designed to work with a variety of other WordPress tools and plugins, some of the most commonly used are:

  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce
  • LifterLMS
  • LearnDash

Is There A Memberpress App?

Memberpress does not currently have an app, but it does work with VidApp which is a tool used to make video focused apps. However, Memberpress does not have an app form.


As you can tell from this guide, Memberpress has various well established features to ensure it is one of the best plugins for WordPress membership websites.

While also including useful and relevant features which help it compete against any similar services, it usually beats out similar feature sets found in other membership plugins.