AAWP Overview – Everything You Need To Know

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When it comes to making money from your blog, becoming an affiliate is one of the most popular ways that many can make from monetizing their hobbies. This is especially true if you can become an affiliate for a large store, such as Amazon.

However, if you are looking to make a little extra cash from those referrals you are getting your affiliate sites for, you have a few options ahead of you. One of those options is to use a monetization plugin such as AAWP. We’ll briefly introduce this plugin in this AAWP overview.

Why Use a Monetization Plugin?

Manually creating links and searching for affiliate programs takes a lot of time. You may not have this time and effort in abundance. Therefore, you should look to just get the most out of the traffic and referrals you currently have. You make the best use of your time using a monetization plugin for your website.

Given that several content management systems, such as WordPress, openly encourage their users to find plugins to optimize their sites better, this might be the more practical option for you.

AAWP is one of the more popular plugins for this specific aim. We’re going to explain what it does, as well as some of the pros and cons that come with using this plugin.

What Is AAWP?

AAWP is a powerful affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress that lets you quickly and easily monetize your content. With AAWP, you can add affiliate links, affiliate banners, product boxes, and more with just one click.

It also has comprehensive reports to help track your affiliate performance. Additionally, it streamlines affiliate link management by masking affiliate IDs and replacing them with custom URLs.

All in all, AAWP is an essential tool for anyone looking to use affiliate marketing to make money from their website or blog.

AAWP Features

The features that can help boost your earnings from your affiliate website include:

  • Customizable designs.
  • Up to date links and information.
  • Geo-marketing targeting tools.
  • Easy and automatic Amazon compliance.

Customizable Designs

This is one that many bloggers are going to be interested in. The layout and conversion optimization is mostly done for you.

The designs that can be applied to the products you link can be formatted in several ways.

Comparison tables for example are a staple of a good comparison or buyer’s guide webpage, so having them formatted in an easy-to-visualize way can often make the products more appealing to a potential referral.

Aside from the tables, AAWP also offers a wide array of templates to set up your webpage, giving you further customizable options.

Up To Date Links And Information

This is one of the most useful tools to help the longevity of your website’s monetary value.

Nothing is more frustrating for a site visitor than clicking a link to an affiliate website, only to find the product is no longer sold.

The only thing more frustrating is that you then start to lose revenue, especially when using a link that no longer works.

So, what AAWP has done saves you so much time in maintaining the product links to other sites, as well as saving you the effort of finding new ones.

Even if the plugin cannot find other examples of the product you have linked, AAWP will still be able to send related items that are up-to-date, which will help keep referring potential customers to your affiliate ID.

Geo-Marketing Targeting Tools

This can be an often overlooked aspect when advertising to a customer is where they are located.

Many people who set up affiliate websites do not realize that different audiences, depending on their location, may prefer different items and offers to be sent to them.

The geo-targeting feature that comes with the plugin means that AAWP takes this into account for you when setting up a webpage.

This also allows you to ensure that potential referred customers can have their purchase delivered to their address, something that may cause frustration otherwise.

Easy Amazon Compliance

AAWP offers an automatic affiliate disclosure and product image via proxy to ensure you remain compliant with Amazon’s affiliate disclosure policy and terms of use.

How To Install AAWP

How To Use AAWP

Now that we have explained some of the features of this excellent little plugin, you’re probably curious as to how you can get started.

There are two methods to install this plugin to your webpage, either through WordPress Uploader or via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

WordPress Uploader

  1. First, log in to your website’s WordPress admin area.
  2. Head to your dashboard, and click Plugins.
  3. Then, select the Add New option among those that are presented.
  4. Click the link for the plugin that you will have after purchasing to download if you haven’t downloaded it already.
  5. Click and upload the AAWP.zip file after you have downloaded it.
  6. Then complete the rest of the process by clicking the link provided and activating it.


  1. Open your favorite SFTP (FTP) client, such as WinSCP.
  2. Start a new session by entering your hostname, username, and password. The default port is usually 22 unless otherwise specified.
  3. Click the Login button and wait for the connection.
  4. Click the link for the plugin that you will have after purchasing to download if you haven’t downloaded it already.
  5. Extract the plugin zip file on your local device and upload the AAWP folder to /wp-content/plugins in your specified site directory.
  6. Once this is done, you can go back to your dashboard, select Plugins, and click the Activate link to activate AAWP.

How to Use AAWP

After installation and a short setup process, you can start using the AAWP plugin. You can add products using the ASIN number or by directly searching for the product to create the following:

  • Product boxes.
  • New arrivals.
  • Comparison table.
  • The top sellers in a category.
  • Comparison tables with your own information.

Instead of directly inserting these items into a post, you can also add these with WordPress shortcodes into a post or page.

Pros And Cons Of AAWP

With this powerful plugin at your disposal, you’ll be able to monetize your pages with just a few clicks – no more hours spent manually configuring affiliate links!


  • Despite how it may seem, the installation process is very easy for AAWP.
  • The customization is also easy to configure yourself.
  • It makes targeting and narrowing down your audience so much easier.
  • There is a focus on conversions with designs and layouts.
  • Automatic data and product updates.


  • The prices for the initial plans can be a little steep for someone who is just starting in this market.
  • The interface appears clunky to someone less initiated in this space.
  • There are only a few languages that are supported by the plugin, meaning your audience may be limited in your area.

AAWP Overview – Closing Thoughts

AAWP is a plugin designed specifically for affiliate sites that help boost the revenue your website makes from referrals, using a few key tools that help boost your page’s performance, which in turn, leads to higher earnings from your website.

As you can see, while there are certainly a few drawbacks, the benefits AAWP can bring are also a good reason to take notes.