How Selling on eBay Builds a Solid Online Business Foundation

Online Business

Can you guess what popular platform immediately throws you into the thrall of internet business? You guessed it – eBay. It’s not all bad though. Learning the basics of eCommerce and getting it right can be rather liberating.

I made my first bit of money online in the early 2000s through eBay. I sold a broken Super Nintendo for $40. This may not sound impressive today but this was insane to me then.

I thought it was amazing that my first sale with a brand new account was something that didn’t even work.

Later on, I realized that buyer probably made 2x to 4x on his little investment by repairing and reselling the console. This didn’t deflate the great memory of the sell by any means. In fact, this realization was powerful. This meant there are multiple buyers with multiple reasons for why they buy.

A quick Google search reveals other people, especially entrepreneurs, had their online money making start on eBay as well.

One person that comes to mind is Peter Voogd. In his book 6 Months to 6 Figures (see my review of his book) he talks about how he prefers making more money on the internet than working a full day doing construction. He made more money selling a pair of shoes in a fraction of the time it took to work a full day of construction.

Now you might think, “Duh, I’d prefer that too.” The point here is that it’s not always about working harder and there is always another way to make a living.

I made a lot of money on eBay over the years. It was a reliable safety net, even in the most tumultuous of times. I don’t use it as much as I used to but I still cycle my old stuff through it every once in a while.

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