Potential Traffic Sources to Focus On

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2024 | Marketing and SEO

Tasty traffic may have always eluded you. You don’t always know which potential traffic sources to focus on. Don’t worry—our founder spent around 8 years creating websites for himself when he first started out. :p

Read on to get ideas on potential traffic sources so you can write for more people than you and your dog.

Acquiring Back Links

Having other websites link to yours will rank your site on search engine results pages.

To get to this point, you must create content worthy of being linked. This is difficult, especially for note-takers, who typically publish articles in a stream of consciousness.

Content needs to be informative and interesting with rich content, like tables, images, and more.

Ideas for Potential Traffic Sources

  1. Don’t discount offline networking opportunities. Go to groups, meetings, and conferences. Talk about what you wrote if it’s relevant to your discussion.
  2. Find people who operate in your space, comment, and network there without being insufferable.
  3. Create a roundup post that involves multiple people or websites.
  4. Conduct interviews and collect expert advice and observations. This not only provides expert consensus but also builds your trust as an expert.
  5. Upload a presentation on SlideShare with your website link in it and link to it from your LinkedIn account and other places.
  6. And if you’re not on LinkedIn, GET ON LINKEDIN.
  7. Buzzsumo.com is a tool that helps you find popular content on your topic. Even better, you can see the content creators who have shared specific content on social media. Do some outreach to see if they would also be willing to share your stuff.
  8. Do a guest post on a blog in your space. Again, don’t be a pest.
  9. Create a Google alert for a relevant URL or keywords. This will keep your potential outreach list full. This also works for content to write about.
  10. Make an ultimate guide. People love a massive, well-organized guide that’s fun to read, even if it contains self-promotional material.
  11. Get on a course publishing website and include a bonus lecture with a link back to your website. Also, make sure your public profile page has a link to your website as well.
  12. Do resources or reviews with a call to action. Set up a challenge and do a task together.
  13. Embed rich media into your content. That is audio, video, and pictures. Infographics do really well.
  14. Submit your site to online directories or appropriate forum categories as possible solutions. Aim to help people.
  15. If you’re using a premium theme on your website, submit your finished website to that theme’s showcase. Be sure you have more than just the defaults. They want to see cool stuff to show off.
  16. Write a review or testimonial for a product or service you use. Many companies, especially those with affiliate programs, love seeing this type of content and can promote your materials!

And no matter what you do, keep your website’s loading time under 5 seconds.


For additional reading, check out this post on 17 Blogging Tips For Beginners (That Actually Work). There are some good tips in there.

We’ll be adding more stuff in the future. In the meantime, think of a couple of traffic strategies that would work best for you.



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