Parents Permalinks Tweak For Get Simple

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2023 | Website Builders

We love Get Simple. Besides it being simple, the flat file structure makes it super fast. This post is about a parents permalinks tweak for Get Simple to help get a more consistent permalink structure.

Get Simple only allows up to 2 levels of children to be adequately shown on a permalink. This can cause issues with Google webmaster tools and other SEO efforts. For instance, we were getting far too many 404 error alerts than we should have been getting.

To combat this, we will use the i18n plugin that allows for more rich navigation. The custom permalink structure /%parents%/%slug%/ will allow more levels of children to be shown in the URL. Unfortunately, this permalink structure breaks News Manager Updated, a good blogging solution for Get Simple.

If we patch a core file for Get Simple, we can enjoy the functionality of the parents tag and the intended function of News Manager Updated.

Edit admin/inc/basic.php, and find the following line:

$plink = str_replace('%parent%/', $parent, $PERMALINK);

You will see this line near the end of the function find_url. Replace this line with the following:

$plink = str_replace('%parent%/', $parent, str_replace('%parents%', '%parent%', $PERMALINK));

We love Get Simple, but we’re unsure our continued use will go beyond a fun personal project. Let us know if you want to see more on this CMS.



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