LearnDash Overview – Everything You Need To Know

WordPress Plugins

If you’ve ever made a website or blog on WordPress, you may have encountered plugins at some point.

These are extensions you can add to the website, allowing you to achieve new things and add new features, improving your own sites greatly.

One category of these plugins involved online learning (eLearning). In this LearnDash overview, we’ll look at one that many online course creators use to deliver and curate their premium content.

Read on to see what you need to know about the WordPress plugin LearnDash as we cover its major features and qualities.

What Is LearnDash?

To begin with, let’s answer the key question. To put it technically, LearnDash is an LMS plugin.

This stands for “Learning Management System,” which is an extension that allows you to make and run online courses on WordPress.

LearnDash takes the best eLearning methods and helps you use them in your WordPress websites, and is a useful tool for companies, bloggers, and even universities.

It has plenty of features, which we’ll go into next, and allows users to access them with simple controls.

On top of that, you don’t have to learn to code, which means this plugin is very widely accessible.

If you’re making an educational WordPress website yet have no experience in coding and programming, it won’t be a problem at all, LearnDash is accessible to everyone.

What Features Does LearnDash Offer?

LearnDash has many features that allow you to offer eLearning services via your WordPress website. Below, we’ll be going into the key features.

Effective Online Teaching

The primary focus of LearnDash is to allow you to run online educational courses, and it doesn’t disappoint.

With its easy to use interface, you can create all kinds of courses and lessons.

On top of that, you can make advanced quizzes, with preset types of questions like:

  • Essay
  • Multiple choice
  • And more.

Additionally, you can insert audio, video, and images to better the educational value, or even add question banks.

To keep users on their toes, you can randomize the questions and add time limits, as well as block them from progressing until they have passed.

LearnDash allows your teaching to be delivered dynamically, with a range of formats to keep students interested, as well as linear and open progression.

You can even require that your users watch videos before they can continue, dictating the education just like a structured lesson, building on their knowledge precisely.

On top of that, LearnDash focuses students with its special modes.

With the learning portals they allow you to create, there will be no distractions, putting your students into an environment driven towards education and nothing else.

Encouraging Learning

Encouraging Learning

However, we all know that learning can be a difficult process and that we all need rewards and incentives to carry on sometimes.

LearnDash has you covered for this too.

For one thing, it allows you to add discussion forums, where students can get together and share their learning with each other.

This not only makes learning a less lonely process but helps to spread knowledge.

On top of that, LearnDash offers leaderboards that show the top learners with the best scores.

This gives the users something extra to strive for, wanting to beat their colleagues to the top spot and show off how much knowledge they have taken onboard with your courses.

In addition to this, you can award official certificates based on the performance of your users, as well as badges, which rewards such as these always encourage learning!

Users can be awarded points, allowing you to track and reward their gradual progress.

And to keep them on board? You can send automated emails and notifications based on their performance in your courses.

LearnDash Is Easy To Use

LearnDash is made to be easily accessible to users of any ability, with simple and clear menus and interfaces.

This means you can manage your assignments plainly, approving things and adding comments, as well as dishing out awards.

Additionally, you can quickly run detailed reports on student progress and performance, seeing what course they’re on and what their results have been.

There are even pie charts to show you progress distributions. To track your users even more easily, you can put them into groups.

You can then manage these categories, giving you an overview of multiple students at once, saving you time yet sacrificing none of the attention and focus.

You can pay extra for the Gradebook addon, which syncs with the LearnDash data.

On top of all that, it’s very easy to customize the look of your website.

LearnDash allows you to change the logos, display of your courses, and colors, all in a small number of clicks.

You can also add any modern theme that you want, making it easy to give your website a preset look, saving you time that you can put into designing and adding more lessons.

In addition to that, you can add any media you want. This doesn’t just stop at video and audio but extends into things like HTML5 and SCORM, which are technical specifications. Those who need these know.

LearnDash Pricing

There are 3 plans, each with its own benefits:

  1. The cheapest is Basic, which is $159 a year. This gives you the LearnDash license for one website and all the regular features.
  2. Next is the Plus plan at $189 a year, which allows up to 10 websites. It comes with all the features, as well as ProPanel management solution.
  3. The third plan is Pro, $329 a year, with ProPanel and used for up to 25 websites.

LearnDash Overview – Final Thoughts

LearnDash is a helpful plugin for WordPress sites that allows you to include different learning tools easily. If this sounds useful to you, check them out. Keeping your students engaged is well worth the cost.