Let’s Build Your New Premium WordPress Website

Your new WordPress website will become your best sales employee, working day in and day out, as cheaply, efficiently, and reliably as possible.

Strategic WordPress Website Packages

Update: We appreciate your ongoing interest! All links, forms, and buttons for new clients have been disabled due to operational changes. Existing clients can continue ordering services within the Client Dashboard.

Choose from one of the 3 website packages below. Our Gold Website Package is meant for custom inquiries, but if you need additional assistance for a custom project, please reach out for a quick call (contact link deactivated).

Our Silver Website Package is our most popular package and is typically everything a busy business owner like yourself needs.

Already have a website and just need some tweaks or a review? Get a Quote (contact link deactivated)

Thanks for your interest! The order links, forms, and buttons for new clients have been disabled due to business operational changes. There is currently no plan for returning availability for new clients.

The Bit Expanse Process for Building Your Amazing Web Presence

We generally take a 4 phase approach to understanding and executing your project.

The first phase, I. Introduction Phase, is free since we’re seeing if we’re a good fit for each other. The rest of the phases are included in our work proposal.

Please note that we are a premium web strategy agency. This means if you’re looking for a website solution for anything in the range of hundreds of dollars for a 5 to 12 page website, you will need to look elsewhere.

If you are not in a place where it makes sense to spend on premium services, that’s perfectly fine. There are many other amazing designers and developers who can get you started within your budget. Give Upwork a try for qualified freelancers, for instance.

Or, you can give it a go yourself by following our 7 Steps to Creating an Amazing Website.

However, if you’re ready to kick your online project into overdrive, check out our phased approach below for more information:

I. Introduction Phase

  • We discuss your business.
  • We find out what you’re looking for.
  • We determine whether we’re a good fit for each other.

II. Exploratory Phase

  • We discuss business requirements and how your website could help you.
  • We develop your strategy.
  • We set project scope and establish expectations of each other.

III. Work Phase

  • We work cooperatively on your project.
  • We tailor the project to your brand.
  • We setup the tech.
  • We build and test out the project.

IV. Support Phase

  • We make sure everything is working as intended.
  • We optimize settings and performance.
  • We make sure you’re trained on your new website.
  • We setup an initial maintenance plan.

Strategic WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Maintenance plans with Bit Expanse allow you to focus on what matters most, your actual business. Offload the tedious tech work to us today by logging into your client portal and adding 1 or all 3 care packages to your account.

3 months of the Basic Website Care Package is included with all website build packages.


Premium is worth it. Cheap work is one of the most expensive things you can buy.